Weeks 7-11: We Sprung a Leak!

Unveiling Sugar's Hidden Secrets...

Its fall here in Southeast Michigan, which can only mean one thing- the weather will make you super happy and want to die, sometimes both in the same day. One day it’s snowing on halloween and then the next week, its 70 and sunny.

As the world around us starts to go to sleep, work on the camper and grounds begins to slow as well. We are putting in orders for seeds, chicks, bees and researching the best ways to winterize what we have.

Last week I crawled underneath the camper and attempted to access the three water tanks underneath. I read online that to winterize a camper, you need to use anti-freeze. Since chemicals like anti-freeze terrify me, I just shook the the tanks to make sure they were empty. I also, hesitantly, opened the valve for the black water tank to make sure it was empty.

I’m not sure how much it matters. Since the camper is not moving, it can stay hooked up to fresh water at all times. We plan on digging a greywater pond to bypass the greywater tank, and we are getting a composting toilet.

Update from 2022

The Sugar Project still remains unfinished. I am not a woman that does well with cold. The minute that first snow brushed the ground in late fall 2021, my heart was sleeping until spring. Sugar got put on hold. 

In the spring, a new project took hold of our full attention- figuring out a way to buy The Flower Market. Kurt and Lita Smith wanted to retire, and by some crazy twist of fate, they were going to sell it to us. 

Now Sugar sits in the driveway, waiting for us.