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Formerly “The Flower Market.” Still on M-50 near Lewis Ave.

Green Witch Gardens

Largest Bonsai Nursery in Michigan

Why are we changing our name to Green Witch Gardens?

Many of you have already noticed our slow roll into the name change to Green Witch Gardens. While there a lot of technical reasons for changing to a more unique name (SEO, searchability, yadda yadda) This new name focuses more on our goals for the future as a store, bonsai studio AND *drumroll* botanical garden. 

Our long-term goals: 

  • Expand the bonsai studio and gardens.
  • Create an eco-friendly floral dept. (still working on what this looks like, stay tuned!)
  • Gradually plant a botanical garden
  • Build a community of like-minded individuals and a safe space for all by continuing and expanding classes, events, etc.

 Why “Green Witch?”

Green witches respect and draw their power from nature and the Earth. We will strive to follow this ideology as we continue to expand and grow with our goals. We hope to serve our communities in a way that helps people and the planet <3